Jaws The Shark、'Destroy The World ft. Dinosaur Pile-Up'のMVを公開

Jaws The Shark
Rob Crawford

イングランド/ロンドン拠点のミュージシャン Olly Baileyによるソロプロジェクト Jaws the Sharkが、8/23にSO Recordings・Silva Screen Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'Destroy The World feat. Dinosaur Pile-Up'のMVを公開!

制作は Comes With Fries。

リーズ拠点のバンド Dinosaur Pile-Upを迎えたグランジ全開の楽曲。


“‘Destroy The World' is a song about how there has been a significant shift in the mood of the planet in recent times, in the age of the billionaire. The saying used to be ‘Save the world, get the girl’, but now in the current climate, it seems that the more of an arsehole you are, the more you seem to get rewarded for it. The world is run by only a handful of powerful people, and the decisions that they make largely only benefit themselves or those in similar positions of power.”


Destroy the World
Jaws the Shark
SO / Silva Screen