[NYP] サンディエゴのインディーポップデュオ Inspired & the Sleepが新曲 'Sweet Company'を公開


カリフォルニア州サンディエゴ出身のMax GreenhalghとBryce Outcaultによるデュオ Inspired & the Sleepが、新曲 'Sweet Company'を公開!

楽曲はBandcampからname your priceで入手可。

'Sweet Company is our jubilant ode to the feeling of belonging in relation to one's memory. To me, the song represents the action of appreciating the good times you've spent in any sort of relationship regardless of when they occurred or how it might've ended. The verses depict a particular individual I was dating at the time, however the chorus speaks in generality of anyone from your past you've been close to. I see so many people cutting ties to past relationships and I feel like if that energy was spent being grateful for what they used to have, the world would be a better place.' ー Inspired & the Sleep