[NYP] illuminati hotties、'ppl plzr'を発表

illuminati hotties
Sarah Tudzin, Kenny Becker

American Footballや PUPとツアーをまわったロサンゼルス拠点のSarah Tudzin率いるインディーポップバンド illuminati hottiesが、10/22にニューシングル 'ppl plzr'をname your priceで発表!

楽曲の売上は、25歳未満のLGBTQの若者にむけた自殺予防や危機介入を提供する団体 The Trevor Projectに寄付されます。


"What matters most about making art to me is expressing raw emotion through your medium at the pace that you’re feeling it. Although I’m not yet ready to walk you down the path of an album cycle, I AM feeling a moment. I have something to say about it, and I want to do that now while it feels most visceral in the hopes that you will be open to experiencing emotions with me in real time. "ppl plzr" was created a couple weeks ago, in a vacuum, at 4:30 AM, and the deluge of three delirious days that followed. Everything happened so quickly, and I couldn't let it burn a hole in my hard drive for much longer."