スイス人アーティスト HUGOwho、3年ぶりの新曲 'Holding On'のMVを公開


デビューEP『I Am Not Hugo』(2014)が高く評価されたロンドン拠点のシンガー・プロデューサー HUGOwhoが、7月リリースのEP『Another』から先行シングル 'Holding On'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Markus Rico, HUGOwho。

HUGOwho - Holding on

"My music should be an honest experience in sound and emotion, simple, without hiding behind anything. I really just got crazy with my vision and my emotions. My life changed a lot since I moved to London because all of the sudden I was alone, disconnected, but it made me feel and think a lot about myself and my music. It's not about playing some crazy chords and be like super fancy about it. I want my music to be simple and powerful. in order that as many people can relate to the feeling. 'Holding On' is a track about loving someone too hard while realizing to let go of everything in order t grow individually and together."

Holding On