インディーポップアーティスト Hannah Georgas、'That Emotion'のMVを公開

Hannah Georgas
Vanessa Heins

カナダ/バンクーバー出身のアーティスト Hannah Georgasが、3/6にArts & Crafts・Brasslandからリリースしたニューシングル 'That Emotion'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Zachary Hertzman。

プロデューサー・コラボレーターに The Nationalの Aaron Dessner (Sharon Van Etten, Frightened Rabbit)を迎えた爽やかな一曲。


“This song is a portrait of one particular way that emotions can build up inside,” “You’re going through the motions, suppressing how you really feel, and pretending things are ok — but your body knows…that deep down life and worry can weigh you down in ways your head might not acknowledge. This song was inspired by the feeling of hiding emotions you would like to express but feeling alone.”


Live Dates

Apr 08 - Stuttgart, DE @ Im Wizemann (Studio)
Apr 11 - Nyon, CH @ La Parenthése
Apr 12 - Zurich, CH @ Helsinkiklub
Apr 14 - Munich, DE @ Heppel & Etlich
Apr 16 - Dresden, DE @ Dresden Polimagie Festival
Apr 17 - Cologne, DE @ Artheater
Apr 19 - Berlin, DE @ Auster Club
Apr 20 - Rees, DE @ Haldern Pop Bar
Apr 22 - London, UK @ Sebright Arms

That Emotion
Hannah Georgas