北欧インディーロックバンド Great News、新曲 'Never Get My Love'を公開

Great News

ノルウェー/ベルゲン出身のインディーロックバンド Great Newsが、近日リリース予定のニューアルバム『Wonderfault』から新たな先行シングル 'Never Get My Love'を公開!


"When you're feeling down and isolated, there's this voice, like the Devil on your shoulder, telling you to go out and get numb. I am telling him that, sure, we can play around and waste away, but you can not touch the ones I love or get too deep inside my soul. He will never get my love, and he won´t take my love a way from those who are closest to me."

Never Get My Love
Great News
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