Gotts Street Park ft. Zilo、'Bad'のMVを公開

Gotts Street Park

イングランド/リーズ拠点のコレクティヴ Gotts Street Parkが、ロンドン拠点のR&Bシンガー Ziloを迎えたシングル 'Bad'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Sonny Jake。

“Bad came out of a period when we were experimenting with our sound in our studio in Leeds and aiming towards a more hiphop focused release. We’d always imagined it with a rapper but when we heard what Zilo was writing on it we heard it transformed into a really fresh sounding song. Part of the beauty of collaboration is that an artist can take our music to a place that we would never expect it to go.”

Gotts Street Park & Zilo
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