UKインディーロックデュオ Let's Awayがデビュー曲'Golden Morning'を公開

Lets Away

UKサンダーランド出身のインディーロックデュオ Let's Awayが、デビュー曲'Golden Morning'を公開!

同曲の共同プロデュースは、James Mottershead (British Sea Power, Sundara Karma, SCUM)が担当。

Let's Away are two childhood friends who used to live directly opposite each other in Sunderland and have been making music together since their teens. They moved to different ends of the UK two years ago - London and Manchester - but continued to share music amounting to hundreds of iPhone recordings. They hit the studio together with James Mottershead (British Sea Power, Sundara Karma, SCUM) a few months back and 'Golden Morning' is the first release from those sessions.