Girl Scout、'All The Time And Everywhere'のMVを公開

Martyna Bannister

スウェーデン/ストックホルム拠点のインディーロックバンド Girl Scoutが、11/2にMADE Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'All The Time And Everywhere'のMVを公開!

制作は Jessie Morgan, Girl Scout。


“This song is about anxiety following you around like a stray dog. I wrote this during a period of my life when I was constantly feeling nervous, and being around people I didn’t know made me feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. The feeling turns into an extension of yourself that you wish you could sever it from your body. In the end I guess you’re forced to make peace with it and just deal with life sometimes being an uncomfortable thing.” - Emma Jansson


Live Dates

8 Nov | The Horn, St Albans
9 Nov | Servant Jazz Quarters, London
3 Dec | Viva Sounds, Gothenburg
31 Jan | The Joiners, Southampton*
1 Feb | Le Pub, Newport*
2 Feb | Bodega, Nottingham*
3 Feb | The Deaf Institute, Manchester*
4 Feb | Corn Exchange, Hertford*

*supporting Coach Party