Lana Del RayがVoのReal Estate的な!ベルギーの Few Bitsが新曲 'Summer Sun'を公開

そんでもってステージ袖ではFleetwood Macが見守ってる感じもありますね。

ベルギー出身のKarolien Van Ransbeeckがフロントマンを務めるインディーポップバンド Few Bitsが、5/6リリースのニューシングル 'Summer Sun'を公開!

“I always write autobiographically, I’m not really interested in writing from someone else’s perspective. A song doesn’t just have to sound good, it also has to express exactly what I feel. Otherwise I’d rather throw it away. I don’t come up with fiction. Every word, every comma, has to fit my head and my heart.”
ー Karolien Van Ransbeeck



Summer Sun
Few Bits
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