マンチェスターのインディーバンド FAIRCHILDが新曲 'Neighbourhoods'を公開

80年代のニューウェイヴ・ダンスロックに影響を受けたマンチェスター在住の6人組バンド FAIRCHILDが、新曲 'Neighbourhoods'を公開!

プロデューサーはCatherine Marks (Foals, The Killers, Wolf Alice)。

“Neighbourhoods is a song about a stripper, but really it’s a story about lusting after something you shouldn’t. The narrative follows a character – maybe it’s me – in his pursuit of this woman. There’s no mistaking these lyrics, there’s nothing poetic happening here as such. The song is a warning: be careful what you fall for.”
ー Adam Lyons