Elephant Stone、'M. Lonely'のMVを公開

Bowen Stead

カナダ/モントリオール出身のサイケデリックロックバンド Elephant Stoneが、2/4にElephants On Paradeからリリースしたニューシングル 'M. Lonely'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Daniel Ross, Vincent Gauthier。

2/18発売のEP『Le voyage de M. Lonely dans la lune』収録曲。モダンなサイケポップ職人による匠の技って感じの味わい深さ。最高です。


“I built this story line about a hermit named “M. Lonely” who is very content in his solitary world until a world event happens that causes everyone else to stay home as well… sound familiar?” “He sees this as a mockery of him and his choices, deciding instead to build a rocket ship to the moon to be left alone,” “ultimately realizes he was happier back on imperfect Earth with all of its imperfect people.” - Rishi Dhir


M. Lonely
Elephant Stone
Elephants On Parade