シドニーのドリームポップバンド EGOISM、'Enemies'を公開


オーストラリア/シドニー出身のドリームポップバンド EGOISMが、2/22にリリースしたニューシングル 'Enemies'を公開!

EGOISMは Scout Eastment, Olive Rushによる2人組。高校のときに同じスクールバスに乗ったことがきっかけで結成したそうです。


"So Enemies is really just about mental health and how it can affect the people you love. We're both people that have never had anyone we'd describe as an "enemy"; I think we're both too busy criticising ourselves and worrying about what the hell we're doing with our lives. But when it gets to the point that those thoughts are driving us away from each other, it ends up feeling like the real enemy is inside you. So this song is about desperately communicating all those thoughts to each other" - Olive Rush