オルタナ・ポップアクト EERA、'The Beat'のMVを公開

Tobias Humble

ノルウェー出身でベルリンを拠点に活動するシンガーソングライター Anna Lena Brulandのソロプロジェクト EERAが、10/18にJust Dust Recordingsからリリースしたニューシングル 'The Beat'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Lewis Lloyd。


“It’s about getting convinced by these voices and these people and thinking that they are right. When I say “Try to be more complete and to never repeat the beat”, that’s me trying to follow their “advice”. The big explosion in the middle of the song is a way of getting all that anger and frustration out and therefore starting afresh. Another part is me trying my best to back away from it by saying: “Do you love me even now? Come on then.” It’s my way of removing myself from these critics and saying if you can accept me for me then you can join me on my path. In recent years my confidence has been lowered and I have to work each day on not taking it as an attack, but rather as a way to have dialogue and possibly to even grow from it”


The Beat
Just Dust