Tycho, An Angleのメンバーによるバンド Doombird、12/30に『Lemma』をリリース

カリフォルニア州サクラメントを拠点に活動するインディー・エレクトロバンド Doombirdが、12/30にニューアルバム『Lemma』をリリース!

Doombirdは、Drive-Thru Records後期の良バンド An Angleでフロントマンを務めた Kris Anayaと、今年初めまでTychoのバンドメンバーだった Joseph Davancensを中心に結成されたバンド。

“The album was created within a little over a year, The theme we tried to capture was more of a dark dance electronic record with a haunting voice. The lyrical content within the record focuses mainly on my struggles with anxiety. Even while I was recording the record I was suffering with it. Mainly the inspirations fall in between a lot of Ambient music as well as Electronic Dance music i.e (Tim Hecker, Caribou, Bibio). I personally believe this record vibes well on a rainy day or when you are taking a hike in the woods.”

Past Lives
Gold Standard