Divorce、'That Hill'のMVを公開

Rosie Sco

イングランド/ノッティンガム拠点のオルタナティヴロックバンド Divorceが、12/2にHand In HiveからリリースしたデビューEP『Get Mean』より、'That Hill'のMVを公開!

制作は Divorce, Ewan Barr。


“It was never supposed to be an EP. We believe everything we put out under the banner of Divorce has undergone a great deal of consideration in an effort to make it ours, so that links all of our music — but these singles were not supposed to be a body of work. It was when the final track, ‘That Hill’, came into existence over the summer, that we realised they were a part of the same beast. The track finishes up our year of single releases with a tiredness for this life in all its monotony and glass ceilings. 

The record takes us from the juvenile arrogance of ‘Services’ to the sobering bitterness of ‘That Hill’, but we felt it would be apt to have those cynical lyrics sung like you’re in a bar full of old friends and an out-of-tune piano. There is humour at the core of this record, a need to not take it all too seriously. This is sort of what we want people to feel when listening to the record, but we also feel this first record somewhat showcases our vulnerability and naivety and we think that’s okay, and want the listener to be engaged in our entire journey as we learn/grow as a project. We hope you enjoy”


Live Dates

3rd Dec - The Victoria, London
19th Jan - The Lexington, London (w/ HighSchool, L’objectif)
25th Feb - Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds (w/ The Lounge Society, DEADLETTER)
27th May - Dot to Dot, Bristol (w/ Alvvays & Yard Act)
28th May - Dot to Dot, Nottingham (w/ Alvvays & Yard Act)

Get Mean
Hand In Hive