インディーポップバンド Divest、'Speed of Light'を公開

Divest 1
Johnny Jaswe Hyunh

ノルウェー/オスロ拠点のインディーポップバンド Divestが、11/12にSellout! Musicからリリースしたニューシングル 'Speed of Light'を公開!

近日発売予定のEP『Moments Of Ease』収録曲。

イントロの心をぐいっと惹きつけるリフがすべてです。6月のEP『Mercury Retrograde』があんなに良かったのに、すぐこんな曲を持ってくるんだからほんと強いバンドですよ。なんとなく00年代後期〜10年代前期のインディっぽいのかな、自分にとって絶妙に遠くて懐かしい感覚があります。


“Speed of Light started off with a piano part that has been with us since the early days. When you´ve been doing instrumental jams on a thing like that for so many years, it feels impossible to make it into a song. After listening to the album “After Hours” by The Weeknd, I felt inspired to reunite with the hook, and compose something completely different then I am used to. By placing a melody that probably should be slow, into a faster paced song you get this feeling off urgency, and that goes pretty well with the lyrics, I think. The song is all about the feeling of life evolving and progressing in such a rapid tempo that you, and you sort of just have to hang on and see what happens.”