インディーポップバンド Divest、'Something's about to change'を公開

Divest 1
Johnny Jaswe Hyunh

ノルウェー/オスロ拠点のインディーポップバンド Divestが、6/11にSellout! MusicからリリースしたEP『Mercury Retrograde』より、'Something's about to change'を公開!

Divestは Andreas Heinesen Kase (Pelicat), Hans-Ole Sponberg Hansen (
Kniv & Gaffel)によるバンド。昨年にデビューアルバム『Time Well Spent』をリリースしてます。




“In one joyful and inspiring hour we wrote the song Something's about to change. We had been writing songs separately for a while and wanted to come up with something from scratch in the studio. Hans-Ole sat down by the Juno-106-synth while I was jumping around with a Sm57 vocal mic in my hand. The song ends the EP in a cheerful manner, filling the listener with hope after a journey through the dark.”


Mercury Retrograde