Disappeared Completely、'End-Day Condition'のリリックビデオを公開

Disappeared Completely

ウクライナ出身のインディーポップバンド Disappeared Completelyが、7/22にLa Belle Musique Recordsからリリースしたニューシングル 'End-Day Condition'のリリックビデオを公開!

Disappeared Completelyは James Header, Michael Sonder, Chris Zagorskayaの3人組。2017年にデビューアルバム『Sea of Fallen Nests』を発表してからは国内外のライブを積極的に行ってます。

The XXのような落ち着きと染みるメロディが素晴らしいです。


“The comfort of existence is no further than consciousness. Intentions that will never be realized. You hope, you plan, but the circumstances are such that they do not allow you to do anything. This is our present. This is our reality. All you can do is fight and regret that you didn't have time ... This is how we feel at the end of our working days today in Ukraine. This is our reflection.”


End-Day Condition
Disappeared Completely
La Belle Musique