Clean Cut Kid、'Twenty Years From Now'のMVを公開


UKリヴァプール出身のインディーロックバンド Clean Cut Kidが、新曲'Twenty Years From Now'のMVを公開!

Twenty years from now is a homage to the struggles my dad faced: while working away from home for the whole time I was growing up. The challenge when arranging it in the studio, was making it simultaneously sad and up-lifting. It wouldn't serve its purpose by simply documenting hardship: it had to say "I know you went through some shitty times, and I know you did that for me." Everything from the raw slap-back guitars, to the flowing cello lines were intentional reinforcements of the happy/sad play-off. Sad lyrics wrapped in sparkly wrapping paper with a nostalgic bow on the top!

こちらはデビューシングル'Vitamin C'。

Vitamin C
Clean Cut Kid