カーディフのポストパンクバンド Chain Of Flowers、新曲 'Let Your Light In'を公開

2015年に素晴らしいデビューアルバムを放ったウェールズ/カーディフ出身のポストパンクバンド Chain Of Flowersが、6/16リリースの7インチシングルから 'Let Your Light In'を公開!

"Relationships of all kinds keep this world moving. We live in times of profound darkness, though I somehow find myself lucky enough to be surrounded by people that pour some light and inspiration back in to my life and this is not to be taken for granted. This song is an ode to love and companionship around the world, a gratuitous nod to the better aspects of the human race. A thank you for being you." - Joshua Smith