万華鏡ポップス!UKアーティスト Chad Valleyが'Arms Away'のMVを公開

UKオックスフォード出身のバンド JonquilのフロントマンだったHugo Manuelによるソロプロジェクト Chad Valleyが、10月にリリースしたアルバム"Entirely New Blue"から'Arms Away'のMVを公開!

こちらは、ディレクターを務めたLauren Sieczkowski(Vampire Weekend, El-P, TV On The Radio)のコメント。

The boy loosely represents a younger version of Hugo - an alternate character whose past actions still currently haunt the narrative. I aimed for Hugo's presence (and sometimes lack of presence) amidst the choreography to be almost dreamlike. His interactions with the dancers were manipulated to make the viewer question when and whether he's really in that physical space at all.

Entirely New Blue
Chad Valley