Ought, Yungのメンバーによるデュオ Broochがデビュー曲 'Blood Spitting'を公開


Ben Stidworthy (Ought), Mikkel Holm Silkjær (Yung)による新プロジェクト Broochが、 2/15リリースのデビューシングル 'Blood Spitting'を公開!

B面に 'Broken Glass'を収録した7インチは3/31リリース予定です。

"I rode back to Aarhus with Yung after we toured together last winter. Every day, Mikkel and I would write and record one song at their scando-office rehearsal space, and then go out in the evenings. These songs emerged from us without discussion or direction, and I feel they captured an energy that was resonating in black and white. Blood Spitting is a collection of fragments that I collected over the course of a very long year. It’s a historically-situated conversation between a healer and a lover who search for remedies that aren’t real. They are the first lyrics I’ve ever been proud of." - Ben Stidworthy

追記:'Broken Glass'が公開されました。