Boy Marina、'Thousand Dreams'を公開

Boy Marina
Susanne Elbrønd

イングランド/ノースロンドン拠点のシューゲイズ・ドリームポップバンド Boy Marinaが、9/23にリリースしたニューシングル 'Thousand Dreams'を公開!

Boy Marinaは Megg Rorison, Antoni Petelicki, Kamil Florczak, Robert Owen, Ruben Elbrønd-Palmerの5人組。昨年後半に結成したばかりのニューカマーです。

Slowdive, Beach House, Lush辺りが好きな人にはぴったりのサウンドで非常に気になる存在ですね。


“I wrote the lyrics a few years ago while in the back of a tour van of another band I was playing in. I think it was kind of a wake up call to get on with the things and projects I wanted to get done - I felt like I was coasting along. I think it’s about someone making an effort to get back in touch with the things and people they love and dancing to the beat of their own drum.” - Ruben Elbrønd-Palmer


Boy Marina - Thousand Dreams