エレクトロ・プロデューサー Ben Lukas Boysen、'Medela'のMVを公開

Ben Lukas Boysen

ドイツ/ベルリン拠点のコンポーザー・サウンドデザイナー Ben Lukas Boysenが、5/1にErased Tapes Recordsからリリースしたニューアルバム『Mirage』より、'Medela'のMVを公開!

制作は Studio Torsten Posselt。



“A lot of the elements and instruments you hear on the album are either not what you think they are, or exactly what you think they are but behave differently or they’re elements you definitely know but they are hidden, processed, or morphed into something else. With Spells and Gravity I was trying to hide the machines. On Mirage, I’m trying to hide the human” - Ben Lukas Boysen


Ben Lukas Boysen
Erased Tapes