オルタナロックバンド Bambara 、'Serafina'のリリックビデオを公開

Kevin Condon

ブルックリン拠点のバンド Bambaraが、2/7にWharf Cat Recordsからリリースするニューアルバム『Stray』より、先行シングル 'Serafina'のリリックビデオを公開!

ディレクターは William Hart, Bambara。

毎作絶好調なバンドの新作。Swans, The Birthday Partyばりにヒリヒリするサウンドは要注目です。


"Stray is a death-obsessed album," "Most of the songs are about different characters’ futile attempts at living meaningful lives under the weight of imminent annihilation. I wanted "Serafina" to feel different. I wanted the song to radiate a sort of wild-eyed hope. A youthful disregard for death itself. Serafina and Sadie live exactly how they want to live, exploring their love for one another before a backdrop of flames. The knowledge of their own mortality takes nothing from their enthusiasm for life. If anything, they see it as a challenge they might one day overcome together. When they say, “We’ll never die” I want it to feel like they might actually have a shot." - Reid Bateh


Live Dates

10/19/2019 - Simple Things Fest - Bristol, UK
10/20/2019 - SWN Fest - Cardiff, UK
10/22/2019 - Soup Kitchen - Manchester, UK
10/23/2019 - Hyde Park Book Club - Leeds, UK
10/25/2019 - Record Junkie - Sheffield, UK
10/26/2019 - The Poetry Club - Glasgow, UK
10/28/2019 - Green Door Store - Brighton, UK
10/29/2019 - Sebright Arms - London, UK
11/8/2019 - St. Vitus - Brooklyn, NY

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