オルタナ・ポップバンド Artifact Collective、'Free Solo'を公開

Søren Drastrup

デンマーク/コペンハーゲン拠点の5人組 Artifact Collectiveが、10/30にリリースしたニューシングル 'Free Solo'を公開!

2018年のデビューシングル 'Light Blue'は国内最大のラジオ放送局 P3でその年の最も再生された国内楽曲の1つに選ばれ、それ以降も快調にヒットを飛ばすクリエイティブ集団のこれまた素敵な一曲。セルフプロデュースで、ミックスは Carsten Heller (Timbaland, Spleen United, Nephew)が手掛けてます。



“Free solo is a discipline in rock-climbing where one doesn’t use any safety equipment. If you fall, you die. Following Alex Honnold on his deadly trip to the top left a mark on me, like it would on anyone else watching it. It inspired me, and I could relate to it, maybe on a slightly smaller scale. Letting the heights that you could fall from become secondary to the goal was my approach to the most whirlwind relationship I have ever been in. I took the plunge, which in my case luckily didn’t result in death, but it was definitely with out straps or wires.” - Victor Oliver


Free Solo
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