Alicia Clara、'I Let My Plant Die'のMVを公開

Alicia Clara
Tess Roby

カナダ/モントリオール拠点のシンガーソングライター Alicia Claraが、10/28にHot TrampからリリースするEP『Velveteen』より、先行シングル 'I Let My Plant Die'のMVを公開!

ディレクターは Alix Bortoli。



“I wrote I "Let My Plant Die" in March 2021, at the 1-year mark after the pandemic's start. I was missing my old life, and I was dying to travel to new places in which to make memories, but I also found myself missing the “dirty” aspects of life, like crowded spaces which I’ve never liked. The inspiration behind the title came from three baby plants I inadvertently let die when I left my apartment to go stay with family outside of Montreal in March 2020, thinking I’d be back in the city come April. I recognized a parallel between this and a tendency I have to put off tackling tasks or situations that scare me, thinking time will do the work on its own. Looking back, this track begs me to stop passively waiting for life to happen, and to not take any of it for granted.” - Alicia Clara


I Let My Plant Die
Alicia Clara
Hot Tramp